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Damaged teeth can cause a lot of problems. If you’ve ever woken up in discomfort, experienced a dull throbbing toothache or found that you are extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods, chances are you may need a root canal. The nerves and blood vessels in the natural cavity within the centre of a tooth can become infected and if that pulp is not removed in a timely manner then it can cause serious complications.  


  • Root canal therapy will prevent the spread of dental diseases.

  • Swift treatment can often save the natural tooth. 

  • Combining this treatment with a regular dental check up can help prevent further damage. 


How do we do it? 


We start by making a cavity within the infected tooth. We then use a special tool to remove the infected pulp from the tooth, taking the time to decontaminate and sterilise the area afterwards. Once the cavity has been cleaned we use a special filling material to close the gap. 


You can expect to spend about 2 hours in the dentist’s chair over one or two appointments. 


A whopping 90% of Australian adults have experienced tooth decay in their lives!


Who We Are


The Dentist is run by Dr. Joanna Chen and staffed by Dr. Tim Hayward and Dr. John Greenstone. We started our practice because we have a passion for providing dental care to our customers. We’re not interested in the cookie-cutter approach, we are committed to going above and beyond so we can give our customers a completely personalised experience. 

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