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Here at The Dentist, we put aside special time in our daily schedule to fit in emergency appointments. We understand that unexpected complications can be incredibly painful and inconvenient, so we’re here to help! Our team of dedicated dentists is well-practiced in emergency dental care and have a passion for helping people in need. 


  • Call and book an appointment between 8am and 5:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

  • Call and book an appointment between 8am and 1pm on Wednesday and Saturday.

  • We’ll do our best to see you on the same day! 


Who We Are


The Dentist is run by Dr. Joanna Chen and staffed by Dr. Tim Hayward and Dr. John Greenstone. We started our practice because we have a passion for providing dental care to our customers. We’re not interested in the cookie-cutter approach, we are committed to going above and beyond so we can give our customers a completely personalised experience.

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