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Dentures are false teeth that are used to replace natural teeth that have been removed. Partial dentures are quite common, but it is sometimes necessary to get a complete set. We a The Dentist are well aware of the emotional impact losing teeth has on our customers, which is why we’re committed to ensuring they receive the best care possible on the road to restoring their smiles. 


Dentures at The Dentist.  


  • Well fitted and comfortable. 

  • Expertly crafted and tailored just for you! 

  • Dental program set down by experienced hands. 


How long will it take?


Give us a ring on 02 9416 2384 to book an appointment. The amount of time it takes to get your dentures depends on your situation. We believe that no two mouths are the same and as a result we take extra care to personalise our solution to your situation. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to get them to you as fast as we can! 

Nearly half of all Australians over the age of 65 wear dentures.


Who We Are


The Dentist is run by Dr. Joanna Chen and staffed by Dr. Tim Hayward and Dr. John Greenstone. We started our practice because we have a passion for providing dental care to our customers. We’re not interested in the cookie-cutter approach, we are committed to going above and beyond so we can give our customers a completely personalised experience. 

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