It’s more than just confidence! Cosmetic dentistry can help you to find your perfect smile as well as prevent a number of problems with your oral health.  
Whether you have experienced an accident that requires dental reconstruction or you have been dealing with an ongoing cosmetic issue for years, we can assess your situation and make recommendations. At The Dentist, we pride ourselves in providing various cosmetic restorative options such as tooth coloured resin filling material, porcelain veneers, crown and bridgework, dental implants, dentures and teeth whitening.         




Tooth coloured fillings are highly recommended over other options because of the many benefits they provide. One of the significant things we have noticed in our own clients is how they boost confidence because of the close resemblance of these fillings to natural teeth.  


 DENTAL VENEERS           


A veneer is a porcelain facing that can be placed on the front of a tooth to improve the appearance of the tooth. 



When a tooth is significantly weakened by tooth decay, tooth breakage or by a traumatic bite pattern, it can often be effectively reinforced against breakage by the placement of a crown.  Crowns are caps that are customised to your tooth using materials that are much stronger than a regular dental filling material and offer greater reinforcement for a tooth.                    


DENTAL BRIDGE                                                                                           

A bridge involves placing a crown on one or two of the teeth around the missing tooth, and attaching a prosthetic tooth to those surrounding crowns to replace the missing tooth. A bridge is one of many the options we have at The Dentist to restore a gap/space above the gums where a tooth is missing.

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