At the Dentist, we strongly believe that prevention is the best! We are always looking at preventative measures for our patients where possible as opposed to larger, more intensive dental treatments that are required when you neglect frequently visiting your dentist for a checkup and clean.    


At your check up appointment… 

During your check-up and clean at the Dentist, we will provide a comprehensive consultation appointment followed by a thorough scale & clean. Dental exam and x-ray give us the most detailed information about the best ways to protect you from cavities and gum disease. If you are a new patient, we believe that this is really important as it provides a base knowledge of what kind of treatment and dental care you will need in future. This will be followed with a thorough scale and clean which will leave you with a lovely smooth, clean feeling on your teeth.


Your smile will be a touch brighter, so book in your check-up and clean appointment today on the below form or call us on 02 9416 2384 today. 

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