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Here at The Dentist we truly believe in “prevention over cure”. While we provide the wide range of treatments necessary to rehabilitate an unhealthy mouth, we prefer our customers never reach the point of no return in the first place. We have found that a regular check up and clean is an effective way of stopping negative dental conditions in their tracks. 


Why go for a check up?


  • Regularly cleaned teeth have been positively linked to better overall health.

  • We can catch and treat developing dental conditions early. 

  • You can save thousands in the long run! 


How long does it take?


We provide a comprehensive consultation that includes a dental exam, x-ray and a scale & clean. The whole process takes about one hour. 


In 2016-2017 there were 70,200 hospitalisations for easily preventable dental conditions!


Who We Are


The Dentist is run by Dr. Joanna Chen and staffed by Dr. John Greenstone and Dr Bernard Taylor. We started our practice because we have a passion for providing dental care to our customers. We’re not interested in the cookie-cutter approach, we are committed to going above and beyond so we can give our customers a completely personalised experience. 

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